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Recent Garden Bird Headlines

4th December, 2007 - Bird Food Bonanza, at Garden Bird Supplies
With winter weather approaching, and natural sources of food becoming more scarce during the colder weather, now is an ideal time to take advantage of the latest offer from Garden Bird Supplies - the leading UK supplier of high quality wild bird food and related supplies.

15th June, 2007 - Garden Bird Supplies
Garden Bird Supplies are probably the most reliable source for top-quality bird food, bird feeders and the like, and right now you can find a great selection of special summer savers at the Garden Bird Supplies website.

1st December, 2006 - Garden Bird Supplies - Save 15%
As Christmas, and the colder days of winter, inevitably draw closer, now is a good time to ensure that your garden bird visitors are also fully equipped for the season, and at Garden Bird Supplies you can now save 15% on the triple food-pack.

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