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9th August, 2007 - The Carphone Warehouse, UK
From today, The Carphone Warehouse, UK has started its fantastic Red-Hot Summer Sale. With great deals and very hot offers, this sale is one not to be missed.

31st July, 2007 - New CarphoneWarehouse Deals
We have a whole slew of new CarphoneWarehouse deals for you, including free Xbox-360 offers, together with a number of price reductions and free Blackberry offers too.

21st July, 2007 - Mobile Phones - MOTZ8 Available On O2 Now
Further to the other Carphone Warehouse offers mentioned earlier in the week, we can now tell you about some other really good deals, and we can also tell you that the MOTZ8 is now available On O2 - see our article for more info' about the amazing features of the MOTZ8.

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