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Monday, 21st December, 2020

Finish Off Your Christmas Table With Bloom

We're really counting down to Christmas Day now, and in the final stretch with just a few shopping days remaining. You've bought the presents, sent the cards, and even got the turkey ready, but what of Christmas table decorations? Indeed! No Christmas Day dinner is complete without something a little festive at the table, and Bloom has just the thing. In fact Bloom has everything anyone could ever want in the way of decorations, table and otherwise. So, let's see what Bloom has going on right now ...

Regal Amaryllis Stem
Regal Amaryllis Stem. This Regal Amaryllis Stem will catch the eye wherever it is placed. Stunningly detailed and utterly realistic in every aspect from the deep pink and white flowers with their delicate stamens, to the multi-layered papery skinned bulbs.
Bloom Price £12.00

Small Snowflake Tree
Small Snowflake Tree. Create a fresh white winter display with this minimalistic filigree Wooden Snowflake Tree. Each branch layer is a perfectly perceived snowflake, tapering in size to a star-crowned apex. Display on a side table, in a hearth or on a sill.
Was £19.00 Now £9.00

Rembrandt Tulip Arrangement
Rembrandt Tulip Arrangement. The Rembrandt Tulip perfectly encapsulates why 'Tulip Fever' gripped the world in the 17th century.
Bloom Price £29.00

Small Mercury Glass Tealight Holders (6)
Small Mercury Glass Tealight Holders. Bloom's charming tealight holders have a mercury finish, which gives a silvery, illuminated glow when a tealight is placed inside. Cluster together on a mantel, or place individually down the table.
Bloom Price £9.00

Silver Birch Candle Holder
Silver Birch Candle Holder. Wrapped with the bark of real silver birchwood trees, each of these Silver Birch Candle Holders is unique. A cut-out star emits the twinkling glow of a flickering tealight from within, or add a battery operated tealight for a safe and stunning display.
Bloom Price £9.00

Large Snowflake Tree
Large Snowflake Tree. Create a fresh white winter display with this minimalistic filigree Wooden Snowflake Tree. Each branch layer is a perfectly perceived snowflake, tapering in size to a star-crowned apex. Display on a side table, in a hearth or on a sill.
Was £29.00 Now £14.00

Gold Lantern Vase
Gold Lantern Vase. This ribbed glass lantern with a rope handle is a twinkling delight when a tealight is lit inside. The vintage look mercury glass brings a stylish glow to your home.
Bloom Price £7.00

Coastal Tealight Holder
Coastal Tealight Holder. Bloom's Coastal Tealight Holder adds a magical glow to your space with understated greys and glittering pinks. Like winter sun at low tide, shades of pink catch the light and mingle with natural, washed driftwood and pine cones.
Was £15.00 Now £7.00

Box Of Silver Birch Reindeer
Box Of Silver Birch Reindeer. This happy herd of twelve, hand-cut silver birch reindeer are perfect as a Christmas decoration. Use them to enhance your mantlepiece, pile them high in a bowl or use them as cute place settings – simply ink on the names of your guests.
Bloom Price £12.00

Pine Cone Candle Trio
Pine Cone Candle Trio. Softly glowing, Bloom's pine cone candles make a lovely gift - if you can bear to part with them. Remarkably realistic with a delicate light frosting, they look quite enchanting, especially in a window or hallway to greet guests.
Was £20.00 Now £12.00

Bloom is a sister brand of Scotts of Stow and Expert Verdict, so if you've shopped with either of those stores before then you'll know you're in good hands. Bloom, like Scotts of Stow and Expert Verdict, always scores well with customers and has an excellent reputation.

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Bloom Information

Bloom, UK - Shop for the finest selection of artificial and silk flowers at Bloom. Find beautiful artificial flower bouquets & arrangements available for fast delivery. Bloom offers top-quality artificial flowers and plants to suit every type of home decor and for every occasion. Once upon a time you might easily have distinguished artificial flowers or plants with hardly a second glance, but what you find at Bloom is second to none, and even a close examination will have you wondering if they`re actually real or not. While you may well be able to buy other faux flowers and plants elsewhere, the superb quality and design of Bloom artificial and silk flowers sets Bloom apart from the crowd. The products are, quite simply, excellent, but also affordable enough too. You`ll also find plenty of information on how best to care for your silk flowers/plants too (yes! even silk flowers need some care and attention; even if you don`t need to water them, cleaning them once a month or so will help to keep any dust on them to a minimum, and help keep the lustrous colours). Beautifully realistic, Bloom flowers and plants (amaryllis, ferns, cactus, bonsai, and more) capture all the exquisite fragility of the real thing. However, thanks to the high level of artistry in their design and the care and attention which goes into their crafting, they are also pleasingly robust and resilient. So if the mood takes you to rearranging a display of Bloom plants or flowers, you can easily bend the stems to a different angle, and are amply tough enough to take it. There are also several videos available on the Bloom website to help you make the most of your Bloom purchases, and to give you ideas on how to present and care for your flowers and plants. So, whether for your own home or event, or if you`re buying as a gift, you can be sure that purchasing artificial flowers and plants from Bloom is money well spent.
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