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Saturday, 21st July, 2007

Mobile Phones - MOTZ8 Available On O2 Now

Further to the other Carphone Warehouse offers mentioned earlier in the week, we can now tell you about some other really good deals, and we can also tell you that the MOTZ8 is now available On O2 - see our article below for more info' about the amazing features of the MOTZ8.

NOKIA N95 and NOKIA 8600 - Get them for FREE on Orange and O2
FREE Nokia N95 - Free on Orange Panther £45 18M
FREE Nokia N95 - Free on O2 £50 18M
FREE Nokia 8600 - Free on Orange Panther £45 18M
FREE Nokia 8600 - Free on O2 £50 18M

MOTZ8 now Available On O2
2 megapixel camera, 3G, great for watching movies with 30 frames per second video playback, also watch TV downloads and listen to music with crystal clear sound quality. Unique mould to your face bendy slider. Plus, get a Free Motorola S9 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset (included in the box).

For The Deal Seekers

A Tenner Off Your Tariff - Save £180

SAMSUNG U600PINK - was £35 now £25 - Orange Dolphin 35 18M
SAMSUNG U600 - was £35 now £25 - O2600 18M
NOKIA 6300 - was £35 now £25 - Flext 35 18M
SONY ERICSSON K810i IVORY - was £35 now £25 - Orange Dolphin35 18M
NOKIA N73 - was £40 now £30 - O2800 18M

£100 Trade-In
Choose any one of the most popular handsets including Samsung U600, U600Pink, Sony Ericsson K810iIVORY. Available on Orange and O2 - 18 month, £35 and above.

Not available on NOK8600,NOKN95,NOK8800,LGV1PRADA,BLACKBERRY 8300 and 8800

£150 Trade-In
If the 100 Trade-In isn't enough, use the £150 Trade-In available on the Nokia 6300 and Nokia 7373. Available on O2 and Orange £35 and above on 18 month contracts

Pay Monthly Mini
save customers up to £180 on pay monthly mini versus prepay

NOKIA 6300 - £19.95 handset - T-Mobile U-Fix 25 (12) - 12 Month @ £15 - Save £120
Save £80 versus prepay £99.95 handset price

SAMSUNG E900 - Free handset - Virgin Mobile 30 (12) - 12 Month @ £15 - Save £180
Save nearly £80 versus prepay £79.95 handset price

SONY ERICSSON K800iORN - Handset £49.95 - Orange Canary 30 (12) - 12 Month @ £15 - Save £180
Save 70GBP versus prepay 119.99 handset price

SONY ERICSSON S500i - Handset £19.95 - Orange Canary 30 (12) - 12 Month @ £15 - Save £180
Save £180 versus prepay £199.99 handset price

SONY ERICSSON W810i - Handset £19.95 - T-Mobile U-Fix 25 (12) - 12 Month @ £15 - Save £120
Save nearly £60GBP versus prepay £79.95 handset price

NOKIA 6300 - was £30 now £20 - VR30 12M
NOKIA 7373 - was £30 now £20 - VR30 12M
MOTOROLA K1 - was £30 now £20 - VR30 12M
SONY ERICSSON W810I - was £30 now £20 - VR30 12M
SONY ERICSSON S500i - was £30 now £20 - VR30 12M

*Motorola V3 just £44.95 on T-Mobile - Save £5
*Sony Ericsson W200i just £44.95 on Orange - Save £5
*Sony Ericsson W850i just £129.95 on Orange - Save £20

Above deals require £10 (credit/debit) or £20 (cash purchases)


MR H500 MOTH500PHFBT Half Price £24.99

* CPW ECLIPZ CPWBT125PHFBT Half Price £19.99

* Jabra Driver Pack JABBT135DRIVEPACK Half price £24.99
* MR H350 Drivers Pack MOTH350INCARKITN/A Half Price £29.99

* Exclusive David Beckham Branded S9 Stereo BT Headset with free armband MOTS9BECKHAMBUNDLEN/A ONLY £79.99

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