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Recent Avon Cosmetics, UK Headlines

16th October, 2020 - Avon Cosmetics Offer
Avon Cosmetics are offering a FREE 100ml Antibacterial Moisturising Hand Gel when you spend £25 or more, for the remainder of the month! This offer expires at 23:59 31st October, 2020, and while stocks last. If you're already an Avon shopper then the chances are you easily know how to spend just £25 at Avon online store, so take advantage of your experience and get your free Antibacterial Moisturising Hand Gel!

25th March, 2009 - Free Delivery at Avon Cosmetics Today
Avonshop - the Avon Cosmetics online store - will be offering customers free standard delivery on any order on Wednesday 25th, March. No need to enter special codes or anything; just go along to the Avon Cosmetics website, and you can take advantage of the free shipping offer on whatever purchase you make.

8th December, 2008 - Avon Cosmetics - Special Online Deals
Today - Monday, 8th December - is expected to be one of the biggest days for online shopping this year, with dozens of online sales and some great bargains everywhere you look. However, Avon Cosmetics are always good for a deal, and right now they have some excellent offers, and is an ideal destination for Christmas gift shopping.

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