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Books & Audio Books

Below you will find the online stores and services which we currently list for our Books & Audio Books category. You can go directly to each of the stores by selecting the associated link, or get a little more information about each store by clicking on the logos.
Other stores can also be displayed for Canada and the United Kingdom and the United States. You may also display stores by category type.

1.  Abebooks Online Bookstore   Abebooks Online Bookstore
Abebooks - Millions of Book Titles, Always Low Prices
» Official Site: http://www.abebooks.com  

2.  Abebooks UK Bookstore   Abebooks UK Bookstore
A huge selection of new and used books. Always a good source of discount textbooks.
» Official Site: http://www.abebooks.co.uk  

3.  Amazon Canada   Amazon Canada
Amazon Canada - Books, Music, DVD, Video...
» Official Site: http://www.amazon.ca  

4.  Amazon France   Amazon France
Amazon.fr - Livres, DVD, jeux video, CD, lecteurs MP3, ordinateurs, appareils photo, logiciels et plus encore.
» Official Site: http://www.amazon.fr  

5.  Amazon Germany   Amazon Germany
Amazon.de - Elektronik & Foto, DVD, Musik, Games, Spielwaren & mehr
» Official Site: http://www.amazon.de  

6.  Amazon Japan   Amazon Japan
Amazon Japan - books, music and more, in Japanese and also English
» Official Site: http://www.amazon.co.jp  

7.  Amazon UK   Amazon UK
Amazon UK - Books, DVD, Music, Software, Electronics and More
» Official Site: http://www.amazon.co.uk  

8.  Amazon.com   Amazon.com
Amazon.com -- Earth's Biggest Selection
» Official Site: http://www.amazon.com  

9.  Barnes & Noble Online Bookstore   Barnes & Noble Online Bookstore
Barnes & Noble.com - The Worlds Largest Bookseller Online
» Official Site: http://www.barnesandnoble.com  

10.  BBC Online Shop   BBC Online Shop
BBC Store is a new service from the BBC which allows you to instantly buy, own and keep digital copies of your favourite BBC TV programmes.
» Official Site: https://shop.bbc.com  

11.  Blackwells Bookstore, UK   Blackwells Bookstore, UK
Blackwells Online Bookstore, UK - Thousands of Books at Great Prices
» Official Site: http://bookshop.blackwell.co.uk  

12.  Blackwells Bookstore, USA   Blackwells Bookstore, USA
Blackwells Online Bookstore, USA - Thousands of Books at Great Prices
» Official Site: http://bookshop.blackwell.com  

13.  Bookcloseouts   Bookcloseouts
Bookcloseouts - A big selection of quality books at extremely low prices. Textbooks, fiction, reference books and many more.
» Official Site: http://www.bookcloseouts.com  

14.  Bublos.com   Bublos.com
Bublos.com provides a comprehensive book price comparison website, allowing visitors to quickly compare almost any book price.
» Official Site: http://www.Bublos.com  

15.  Buy.com   Buy.com
Buy.com - Home Electronics and Entertainment, Music, Books, DVDs ...
» Official Site: http://www.buy.com  

16.  eBay Canada   eBay Canada
eBay Canada - The Canadian Online Auction Site
» Official Site: http://www.ebay.ca  

17.  eBay UK   eBay UK
eBay UK - The Leading Online UK Auction Site. Buy anything from books and clothing to laptops, music, collectibles and much more.
» Official Site: http://www.ebay.co.uk  

18.  eBay.com   eBay.com
eBay - The Worlds Online Marketplace, No1 for Online Auctions
» Official Site: http://www.ebay.com  

19.  eCampus - Textbooks and Beyond   eCampus - Textbooks and Beyond
Books, Apparel, Software, and Everything for College
» Official Site: http://www.ecampus.com  

20.  Foyles Bookstore   Foyles Bookstore
Foyles bookstore is one of the most famous bookstores in the UK, and over a hundred years old. Foyles is now online too, with thousands of books to choose from.
» Official Site: http://www.foyles.co.uk   » Browse Products

21.  FranklinCovey Online Store   FranklinCovey Online Store
Franklin Covey - Business accessories, Tablet PC and PDA devices ...
» Official Site: http://shopping.franklincovey.com   » Browse Products

22.  Half.com Discount Shopping   Half.com Discount Shopping
Half.com: The Smart Place to Buy & Sell Books, Music, Movies, Games & more...
» Official Site: http://www.half.com  

23.  Indigo, Canada   Indigo, Canada
Chapters, Canada: Books, DVDs, Video and more
» Official Site: http://www.chapters.indigo.ca  

24.  John Wiley & Sons, Publishers   John Wiley & Sons, Publishers
John Wiley & Sons, Inc - Publishers Since 1807
» Official Site: http://www.wiley.com  

25.  Mills & Boon   Mills & Boon
Mills & Boon is probably the most recognised publisher of romantic fiction in the UK, forming part of the international Harlequin brand.
» Official Site: http://www.Millsandboon.co.uk/  

26.  Powells Bookstore   Powells Bookstore
Powells Bookstore - Thousand upon Thousand of New and Used Books
» Official Site: http://www.powells.com  

27.  Sheet Music Plus   Sheet Music Plus
Sheet Music Plus is one of the most comprehensive sheet-music retailers on the Internet.
» Official Site: http://www.sheetmusicplus.com   » Browse Products

28.  Tesco Direct   Tesco Direct
Tesco Direct - Shop online with Tesco Direct, Tesco's online catalogue website, where you'll find electricals, furniture and more.
» Official Site: http://direct.tesco.com/  

29.  Tesco Online Grocery Store   Tesco Online Grocery Store
Tesco.com - The world's leading online grocery store. Books, DVDs, a fine selection of wines and much more is also available.
» Official Site: http://www.tesco.com  

30.  The New York Times   The New York Times
Subscribe to the The New York Times for national & international news reporting
» Official Site: http://www.nytimes.com/  

31.  Wal-Mart Online Store   Wal-Mart Online Store
Wal-Mart - The Biggest Store On The Web
» Official Site: http://www.walmart.com  

32.  Waterstone's Bookstore   Waterstone's Bookstore
Waterstone's, the leading UK specialist high street book retailer.
» Official Site: http://www.waterstones.com   » Browse Products

33.  WH Smith, UK   WH Smith, UK
WH Smith Online -the leading UK bookstore. More than just books, the online WH Smith store offers music, DVD's and much else.
» Official Site: http://www.whsmith.co.uk/  

34.  Wilkinson Plus   Wilkinson Plus
Wilkinson Plus is the online store and catalogue from Wilkinson, the popular UK department store, offering furniture, house-hold goods and more.
» Official Site: http://www.wilkinsonplus.com   » Browse Products

35.  World Bookstore Reference Books   World Bookstore Reference Books
World Bookstore - Reference books, Encyclopedias, Study Books for Children, Science Books...
» Official Site: http://store.worldbook.com/wb/  

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